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If you speak Dutch, let's move to ... Budapest!

Are you looking for a place, where you face new challenges and feel like home at the same time? Budapest, the dynamic, youthful and attractive city welcomes you warmly!

How and where can you earn money for the Hungarian lifestyle?

Hungary and especially Budapest is known nowadays as the capital of the multinational companies and Business Service Centres.

These companies are mostly looking for candidates who are able to speak English and another additional (mainly European) language. Most of these firms are located in the city centre offering very good career opportunities and compared to Hungarian standards a good salary as well. Their social life is very active as the co-workers are usually young and very multicultural but if you don’t feel like having parties only with your fellows, there are many intercompany events where everyone is welcome.

Can you imagine yourself living in a city what is offering so many possibilities within the working hours and even after that? Come and experience the Hungarian way of living!

Have you ever thought that once you’ll profit from your mother tongue?

Shared Service centers in Hungary welcome candidates from all around Europe and maybe it’s your mother language that they require for one of their positions!

One of the most commonly searched language is:


Just think about it, for most positions at your country employers welcome candidates who can speak at least two foreign languages. Feel the advantage of using your own language as one of them!

Be appreciated abroad using your national heritage!

Check these opportunities:

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Let’s talk not only about work now!

If you want to spend your time with local Hungarians or other foreigners, ruin pub is your place. If you prefer relaxing, you can get rid of stress in one of our well-known spas or plages. If you have some cultural needs left, Palace of Arts is your place, there you can enjoy dance performances, world music, jazz and classical music during the whole year.

If you think it’s all not enough, you can enjoy various festivals in Hungary, as the country became a festival land in the last few years: Sziget festival is the most popular and well-known all around Europe.

Do you have any further questions? Collect them and send your CV to Protected content

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