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Importing used diplomatic car to Germany

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it is possible to re-import tax-free a used car, which was exported through a diplomatic sale (VAT and customs exempt upon export outside the EU), in Germany. I suppose that, if the car was purchased in Germany and exported under a diplomatic tax break, this would carry through if the car is re-imported. The crucial point here, however, is that the re-importation would not be under a diplomatic placement in Germany -- the whole point is whether it is possible to import the used diplomatic car to Germany, rather than to the new diplomatic placement overseas.

I know that there are general rules about custom liabilities for importing used cars in Germany. However, I am specifically interested in knowing if there is a particular procedure that applies to importing a used *diplomatic* car after the mission was over. If so, I would like to know additionally if there is a minimum time that I must keep the car in Germany before selling it (I believe that the general rule imposes a one-year requirement).

Thanks for any information!

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