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Inner Confusion Creates the Outer Chaos!

Have you ever observed how your heart behaves when you are confused? How the circulation of blood in your veins becomes disharmonised? Have you noticed how the multiplicity of directions, the divisions like ‘either’, ‘or’, ‘is’ and ‘ought’ which produce the continuous chattering in the mind, effect the actual life force within you?

And in the present times, this state of constant chaos has become the norm. Competing and contesting. Accumulations of all kinds, material wealth or more abstract symbols of superiority like knowledge, social status etc. Wars and conflicts; the total disregard for the wellbeing of others; the cruelest display of intolerance for any thought or ideology that happens to collide with our own.

Look at the multibillion industry of war. Which does not only include the production of the tools of killing but also the bureaucratic structures to justify wars around the world or when need be, pretend that they are working for the abolition of war.

If you have seen the violence, subtle and active, that we are implanting in the minds of younger generations, it is outrageous. The parenting, which is deeply conditioned. The educational paradigms, which are destructively based on competing and becoming ‘better’ than the other. And the established hierarchy of social roles that these educational systems tend to equip us for. The degradation of art, literature and architecture, which is largely impersonal and coloured by our individual appetites for glory and fame; the foods that we eat at the cost of damaging ourselves and the environment we live in.

All this is happening and we are allowing it to happen. Not only allowing it to happen, but even facilitating the transfer of these trends to the coming generations. It is heart breaking to see the video games that children play. Many of them are so horrendously violent. The more people you kill, the more points you get! Are we really looking at the chaotic movement of violence that we call life? Or the so-called civilization that we are so proud of?

We are all capable of being attentive. Attentiveness means a steadfast state of consciousness. That unwithering alertness which brings about a clarity of mind where all one’s capacity to comprehend becomes gathered, and in this gathering it becomes all-inclusive and encompassing.

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