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Insurance Industry Trends Survey

Dear Inter Nations Friends:

I am an MBA full time student at IAE Graduate Management School in Aix-en-Provence, France. We have now reached the Finish line and working on the final piece of the MBA, Consulting Project. I have 3 other girls working with me on the Change Management project for one of the largest Insurance Providers in France (due to confidentiality reason I would like to leave the name out). To help us to analyze this case, we would like to do a benchmarking research and get an insight and knowledge from Insurance Industry professionals.

I would really appreciate if you could complete this short survey below on the perception of the current situation in the Insurance Industry. Thank you in advance.


Subject: Challenges and Trends in the Insurance Industry in France (and other countries).

1. What is your relation to the Insurance Industry? What country?

2. What are the biggest nowadays challenges in Insurance Industry and what has changed?

3. In your experience how important is the distribution channel of Independent Agencies (Agents Generaux) in Insurance Industry, and is it going to stay or will disappear?

4. What are the trends among Insurance Companies towards implementation of IT processing systems (e-Business, Claims Management, CRM, etc.) and who are the strongest players?

5. What are the main difficulties that Insurance companies experience during implementation of IT processing systems? And how companies overcome these difficulties?

6. What Insurance Companies are most popular in France, why? (other countries)

7. Other Comments on the subject

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