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interested in philosophy?


I am deeply fascinated with the subject of philosophy.
Chinese philosophers and philosophy are always rather abstract and more vague and some very revered wisdom even contradicts life and challenges in modern times for the vast majorities.
European countries, having a better education system and economy since very early times, have thus benefited from ideas springing up from the large pool of academics and academical journals who were written in rich details and exact and concise manner.
From some of the more famous European philosophers that I know , I became deeply inspired.
I like and am enlightened by Immanuel Kant and Arthur schopenhaur and Voltaire and Machiavelli.
Dislike ayn rand though but of course its possible I lack proper exposure to a more complete and comprehensive explanation to her concepts.
What about you guys in internations?any recommendations on philosophers I need to take note of?what was the interesting concepts that they have came up with ?any interesting philosophical ideas you guys wish to highlight?
Pour them all here please! Lol!

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