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International Day for Protection of Children

Over the past eighteen months Internet security company AVG has been carrying out research to see how technology has changed childhood, beyond recognition from someone who grew up twenty or thirty years ago.
Key stats are as follows:
• 58% of children aged Protected content how to play a ‘basic’ computer game. For the UK and France that jumps to 70%. Even 44% of Protected content olds have the ability to play a computer game. By comparison, 43% of kids Protected content ride a bike.
• Technology is widely used by young people ages 8 to 18. In Protected content people spent more than 5,5 hours a day interacting with technology unrelated to school. In Protected content , 5 hours.
• Other research has found that 97 % of children ages 12 to 17 play video games.
• 10 % of 2- to 5-year olds can use a smartphone application, while only 9 % can tie their shoes. Here's a scary statistic: more young children can open a web browser than swim.

For sure this digital immersion affects kids' cognitive, emotional and social development. But how, exactly?

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