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InterNations Superstar


You want to feel like a superstar and have new girls (or boys) walk up to you every five minutes all night? Here’s how I did it - with InterNations.

I’m a great fan of “Travelling with InterNations” (described here in detail: Protected content . This time I went to Madrid and connected to the local InterNations community.

A few weeks before my trip
- I selected Madrid from the drop down-menu in the top left corner of the InterNations homepage.
- In the middle section there is an area labelled "Members in Madrid". I clicked "More Members" under the frame.
- This led me to "Ask Your Local Scouts". I briefly described myself, my upcoming trip to Madrid and asked if they were willing to meet. I selected all members from the list below who I expected to be willing to connect by a first glance at their scout keywords: “Nightlife”, “Sightseeing”, etc.
- For the coming weeks more than Protected content people responded to my short message. (I even keep receiving replies now that I have returned home.) Many gave me advice on accommodation, restaurants, bars, and other places to visit. And around 30 of them offered to meet me at the local InterNations event where I was on the guest list.

I was looking forward to meeting new people at the event – until I learned that Protected content members were on the guest list. How was I supposed to identify the ones who I wanted to meet?

I didn’t have to. I just stood around with a glass of wine and – seriously – every five minutes people walked by, looked in my face, read my name tag and greeted me as if we were oldest friends. “¡Hey, you’re Conrad from Austria! I’m (Maria, Ana, Vanessa, Lucía, …). ¡So good to see you!” We chatted briefly – until the next person walked by, looked in my face, read my name tag, and hugged and kissed me. (Ok, kissing is common in Spain even when you meet for the first time.) We chatted briefly - until the next person… You get the idea.

After some time, people who were watching the scene walked up to me and asked me why I was so popular. Was I a TV-star? Or a football player? Or a celebrity? Well, now you know.

It was a fantastic night. I felt like a superstar. And I bet you could, too.

P.S.: If you want to be part of this global travel community for Travelling with InterNations please join our official InterNations page "Upstyle Travel": Protected content

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