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Internet and Democracy: The conspiracy theory


My thread on religion has been closed abruptly yesterday, and without getting any warning, that gave me no option, but to succumb to the very partial and non democratic internation's administration will.

many people have been involved in our forum, sharing their thoughts, in a very
( apparently ) democratic environment..
something went wrong in the process...we might have said something inappropriate or, we simple have not brushed someone in charge, in the right way...

as soon as two fake or real characters took part in our forum, the tone of our forum has changed and the level reached the bottom..therefore I had seen my forum shut down with no warning at all.How democratic it is that?
I had joined Internations as a clever alternative to other sterile social network..but, now I have realised how naive I have been...I only wish to thanks Melanie and Jim for their kind words and all the other I wish good luck and good night.
from now on I have NO interest in being part of this network...

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