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Iraq - 5 years, 4000 dead US soldiers.. finally enough?

"One day people will look back at this moment in history and say 'thank God there were courageous people willing to serve' because they laid the foundation for peace for generations to come,"
That's what Bush said after the most recent killings.

It's been going on for 5 years, Protected content soldiers died, many more are mutilated emotionally and physically, ... why? War on Terror? Come on! Oil? Keeping the people of the US in a constant state of fear? More likely!

"Vice President Dick Cheney last week defended the invasion of Iraq as part of the global war on terrorism launched by the United States after the terrorist attacks of September 11, Protected content
Protected content

What do you say to this endless, useless, terrible war? I would be really surprised if there was one single person here to support it, but please don't be shy to admit it.

A nice little summary of the current situation (including the Bush quote) can be found here
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Hope to hear some interesting opinions on why this war is REALLY being led.

Kind regards,

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