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Is Egypt a Legitimate Democracy?

To be honest, I am struggling with the idea of Democracy - What is a Legitimacy in a Democracy :

1 Muslim Brotherhood elected in a fair election - Democracy at Work

2 Millions of Citizens protest - Democracy at Work

3 Armed Forces suspend Constitution - Democracy not at Work

4 Legitimate Opposition to the elected Governing Party ignored by the Governing Party ( both in Parliament and by civil society Protected content not at Work

Fundamentally :
Q 1) Does the Opposition ( both in Parliament and outside Parliament ) in a Democracy have a role to play.

Q 2) If the Governing Party ignores the Opposition and it's role and the sentiments of the Opposing side and enacts and imposes laws, is it a fair and legitimate exercise of authority by the Governing Party

Q 3) Must the Governing Party be inclusive and compromise with the Opposition in a Legitimate Democracy; and not be divisive in it's exercise of Power

Q 4) If the Governing Party does not address the above three questions, then what are the significant minority of the people/opposition to do? What are the Armed Forces to do?

A dilemma to be resolved.

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