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Is Facebook too Powerful?

I recently added a few photos from a holiday to my profile. I was shocked when Facebook identified the people in my photographs using its facial recognition algorithm. This got me thinking...

Does the person who controls facebook have too much power? Even if you don't fill in details or tag yourself, it is now at the point where the system can get details about you anyway.

Some examples:
The police could take your passport photo and search facebook. They would know everywhere you were and everyone you were with. Even if you don't have a facebook account, they can still identify you in other people's photos.
A party in power could search for everyone who is in a photograph with a known supporter of the opposition or everyone who is friends with someone who "likes" the opposition.
The US government could list all the people who clicked links leading to Al Jazeera news, who was tagged in Pakistan and now lives in the US.


Should we ask FB to remove these "tools"?

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