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Is it possible to get business via Online forums?

Has anyone of you scored good business deals by being members on online networks?

As an artist, I get invited to join many Art forums and some states it is a collector's forum and that I should join so we can discuss art etc...... However, there is hardly any positive outcomes out of all the clubs, societies, forums, associations I have belonged to whether paid, free, invited or applied to.

Most of these forums have artists trying to sell their wares and no one really want to chat about art or discuss ways for us to work together. Thankfully I have met 2 beautiful persons via these forums who became important advisors and friends ...

This is supposed to be the new way we do business... online networks... is anyone really profiting from any business deals?

Are you selling your softwares? Your real estate? Your products? Your services?

Your input please dear ones!

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