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Is it unethical to have cosmetic surgery?

1) Do you agree cosmetic surgery a means to acquire/improve “physical beauty” as a form of personal asset?

2) Are more and more people changing to seek physical attractiveness practically more useful than inner qualities?

3) Is it unethical to pursue physical beauty/young look by various forms of cosmetic surgeries on face and body?

4) Is it unethical for medical practitioners to make money out of cosmetic surgeries?

5) How much cosmetic surgery is acceptable ?

6) Is cosmetic surgery on yourself or your partner acceptable to you? Is cosmetic surgery limited to smaller scale on the
face and skin more acceptable?

People always say a person’s inner beauty is the more valuable long lasting qualities while physical beauty is much less important because it perishes with time. The cold hard fact is, gorgeous looking Olympic athletics attract more followers and jobs outside their sports area. Male politicians had scalp enhancement for keeping lively hair and botox for younger face to attract more votes and support. Recently a young Chinese guy in Hunan (a Province of China) holding the highest total score of provincial public servant examinations was failed for his application to work in the computer section of the police force due to his ugly appearance. Unspoken discrimination on less attractive or ugly people happens all the time, they have smaller chance to win at a job interviews, they receive lesser pay , people who look ugly / less attractive may develop different degrees of negative self-image in schools, workplaces, social situations, and even weaker bargaining power in various aspects of daily life. People look attractive are more confident, more powerful and more successful.

With technology advancement and increasing popularity in cosmetic surgery by which people can get their faces and bodies changed totally or re-made to their younger looks at much later ages, pursuing an appearance a person do not have or long-lasting physical beauty has become possible. Pharmaceutical advancement and sophistication of the industry expertise reduce the risk, or reduce the level of risk people might have thought of.

There have been intensive commercials of South Korean cosmetic surgery clinics in China media. A magazine article with in-depth interviews with young men and women who underwent cosmetic surgeries or wanted to have one revealed that cosmetic surgery is observed as a means to pursue better future among the younger generation.

Not highly surprising, “face remake” is not just the desire of women but also for men for increasing the possibility of matching with a spouse, it’s becoming a tool beyond the use for mate-matching. Physical attractiveness becomes the pre-requisite to acquire self-esteem, respect, friends, jobs, social opportunities … ... happiness. The desire of undergoing cosmetic surgeries is not only found in people in modeling or other jobs require good looks, also in people looking for job fields like flight attendants, hotel and hospitality services, sales and marketing, public servants, school teachers, or other professional jobs.

Cases of poor post surgery results do not prevent people from pursuing cosmetic surgery, the point is, paying for higher quality and more famous surgeons. Some people even go for leg bone augmentation for applying jobs require minimum physical height. Some parents expressed no hesitation to pay for cosmetic surgery for their children when they come out of school to improve their competitiveness in all aspects. Some people arranged loans to pay for cosmetic surgery fees with the hope to get higher pay jobs and lead another life . More and more young people consider cosmetic surgery a form of investment to acquire the personal asset in physical beauty/attractiveness to generate money, social opportunities and happiness.

Wide media coverage on the appearances and personal success stories of movie stars and celebs, both born with natural beautiful appearance or underwent cosmetic surgeries, have reinforced people’s concept about being beautiful/attractive is a form of power for changing destiny.

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