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Is mankind ready for peace?

Maybe the question is: "Do we really want peace?" Wouldn't life be too boring?

Or do people need war just for the sake of it?
Is war just a masculin thing about bravory, glory etc.
Would a society survive without its soldiers and brave men defending their country?
And how long can a society live in peace? A couple of hundred years?
Imagine all the military with their music, weapons, medals, ranks just drew back?
And who would represent our country? Our countries? Our world?

"But we have to defend our country"! some will cry out!

I liked the post of some of you (sorry, can't remember - if you want to remind me?)

"Stell dir vor, es wäre Krieg und keiner ging hin" - imagine there was a war and nobody went to fight" : slogan from the anti-war movement in Germany during the cold war period

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