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Is Merkel correct in still distrusting Sarkozy?

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The body langage seems to be:
Merkel: "keep quiet, will you"
Sarko; "did I do something wrong?" LOL

The diplomatic beggining of president Sarko was more egocentric than European, in the cases of the Bulgarian nurses in Lybia and the project of Mediterranean Union, and Merkel was right in refraining him. But I find that he changed lately for the better, for the Georgian file and in trying to find a common European treatment to the crisis. I find that he is now very good in getting the point of view of all member states in the EU, then creating a common position by getting the good points from anybody.

Is Merkel late in recognising the change?
Can she ajust to his very French way of dealing with files, apparently messy and unruly at the beginning, but eventually quick to reach a decision?

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