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Is the end of the United States near?

In the Protected content , the United States out-spent the Soviet Union to the point where it broke apart. Now it appears that the United States may be doing the same thing to itself.

The budget deficit has tripled since the new administration came onto the scene and we are now seeing a rapidly growing protest movement across the country in the form of "tea parties" based on the original Boston Tea Party which was the beginning of the American Revolution against British rule. At a recent event in Texas, the Governor of Texas actually talked about the idea of the possible secession Texas from the Union and was loudly and enthusiastically cheered by the crowd.

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In fact, a number of states, such as New Hampshire have recently passed resolutions affirming their right to secede from the United States.

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If States indeed start to secede from the Union in response to out of control Federal spending and taxes, would China and the rest of the world continue to buy US Treasury bonds? And if the Federal government can't borrow any more money could the US government experience a budget meltdown?

anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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