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Is the sky really falling


The evening news, the newspapers, even from the White House we hear that these are desperate economic times – and that the worst is yet to come!

Does anyone feel as I do, that while there are problems and issues that do need to be addressed, much of the “problem” is being caused by the continued drumbeat of “desperate times”. There was a feature on CNN over the weekend about Toyota City shutting down production for 1 day, Protected content !!! They had interviews with several employees and it was like the world was ending!

Can we get a grip here folks? My fathers generation remembered a leader who faced with difficult times – far more desperate than we have today, did not cry out: “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”, rather he told Americans, and the entire world, that we had nothing to fear, but fear itself!

So what say you that for the week of February 8th – 14th, we report only positive economic news?



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