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Is this a possible Cold War II?

Not up to two weeks I posted threads on peace (see “How can we ensure a peaceful world?,”What sort of place should our world be? A violent place? Or a peaceful place?), the world again is witnessing another bloodshed and conflict. This time, it is between Russia and Georgia. While Russian and Georgian governments have launched accusations and counter-accusations and claimed to embrace peaceful resolution, it is sad to note that a fundamental human right (right to life) has been breached. No fewer than Protected content have been killed and most of the victims were civilians.

Although I have said this in my subsequent threads, I will again emphasize that we need to take a step further,( not only by posting, reading and replying threads) work together and brainstorm, if we truly care about a just and peaceful world. We need to be part of a change we want to see in the world. We are solutions to our problems. I will be glad to work with you or any organization on how we can actively involve in peace-keeping and building activities and other ways we can ensure a just and peaceful world.

The concluding part of my topic will be a question that we all need to answer.The question is, is the War between Georgia and Russia a possible Cold War II or a new threat to global peace?

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