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ISIS black flags triumphantly waved in Germany…

The last time when hundreds of people all dressed in black marched in German towns waving menacing flags, an entire world war started. Last week, hundreds (if not thousands) mostly dressed in black promenaded down the avenues of the lovely town of Hanover Germany. The participants of this peaceful march walked slowly, the women (all wearing hijabs) gently pushed their baby carriages along with their men, some of whom were defiantly waving large “black flags”.

There isn’t anything particularly wrong with this tranquil picture, except that the “black flags” being waved are the ugly symbols of the "modern jihad" adopted by ISIS and a myriad of other radical Muslim groups bent on destroying all this is dear to you and me.

Is this the way how some Muslims express their thanks and appreciation for all the millions of Muslim migrants that Europe and Germany have been settling in their beautiful countries, by snubbing the generosity of European heart with calls to “Islamify” Europe?

Does one see a poignant irony in the making: it seems that some Arabs are trying to change the country of their new domicile to be just like the very countries from which they fled? If that's the case, then why flee in the first place?

Feel free to watch the video in the below link and try to count how many “black flags” are being waved…

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