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tons of things dont make sense. For example, mental illness does not make sense. the last thing we need is to be mentally ill, in a world so demanding .Volcanoes dont make sense. neither do piranhas.
the fact that anyone can be poor and destitute in a world of such abundance simply doesnt make sense.
what else? actually the list goes on and on. Children being abused and prostituted does not make sense. Violence in our movies and on tv doesn't make sense. sex addiction does not make sense. or does it? failed nations dont make sense. child soldiers are an abomination and unacceptable. speeding on the road with all the dangers which that brings simply does not make sense and is foolish, at best.
couples getting together based on pure lust and physical attraction with nothing more does not make sense. Greed makes sense given the humans' capacity for covetousness and the sad fact that many of us are fitful with a thousand desires.
panic attacks and anxiety attacks - do these make sense? do tell.
naturally, wars and having such a huge arsenal and budget for defence spending do not make sense. or do they? any thoughts?
my learned friends and associates here on lets vent. if nothing else.
lets really be critical. let us absolutely sort out here and now what the things are about us and this world which simply do not make sense. and by extension , are not acceptable. some things seem to be out of our control . a lot of things are within our control. individually and collectively. i hope all will give us your input. there are a whole lot of things which simply dont make sense. as a parting shot, do you agree that so much of fashion trends and high fashion is simply ridiculous . and that the people who should be our celebrities earning top dollars are the farmers . and that being besotted with celebrities who have no morals and no principles and who are worthless role models simply does not make sense. lets vent, and by doing so , the people of the world may actually become that much closer to becoming right thinking. i have the utmost respect and regard for my friends and fellow members of this wonderful organisation of i am sure that with everyone's input, we can comprehensively think through all of the things which usually we dont notice or take as granted but which on closer inspection or intuitively , we know dont make sense and have no place in our world. please really put on your thinking caps . all of us are needed to stem the madness which prevails globally. i am so utterly impressed by the comments at these forums that i have deliberately brought these concerns here . so that we can , through such a powerful organisation as , really contribute towards instituting drastic but good and needed reversals of the things which simply dont make sense. just start typing. anything that frustrates you. anything at all. place it as record here.
and by the way, have fun doing it. thanks for reading this far. i am relying on you. all of us are.

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