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IT Hackers and security issues for travelers

IT Hackers and security issues for travelers

As you know, i travel continuesly, then i interact with a wider network, not geographically and geographically located.

I just came to the point to review some signs of hackers activity registered along last 5 years.

decided to share it with the IN community, for breain storming and heart streaming, on Security protocoles that are free of IT Tools, while communication online is effective.

Here a letter i wrote to some travelers networks on my experience and questions:

"Our online system of communication apparently have been experiencing an intervention of a hacker. We are now working on the case, in order to verify if that is true or not, and will inform you as as soon as possible on the results.We are looking for a more secure system of verified-human-communication and verified-source-of-communication."

the one above is a quote of my own intranet, we are now working on the case, in order to verify if that is true or not, as we found some signs of hackers activity on our networks, probably associated to some travel projects, travelers and activities.

How many times did you write to a profile on a network without knowing the profile was first registered by a machine or by a human and later associated to a machine?

hackers nowdays are not only hacking networks but companies networks and identities.

It seems to be very easy to record voice, image on skype and create a faked customer service or friend talk?

Consider the following case: somebody call you, ask you some questions, on the other line (hacker managed) somebody play to be you, and establish a relationship with a person interested in you.

It is not a joke, apparently the It hackers are improving, on faking identity, or identity tieff.

In my network we have been observing recently some unusual events that apparently are signs hackers presence. So i am now learning on all possible hackers strategies.

The next stage of hackers, hijacking your identity will be to go down of the digital world and creating a faked person that later would interact with you. Like for example inventing you are travelin somewhere and actually sending somebody elses there.

for security reasons, i suggest travelers to double check and create a security protocle, verify the human and real nature of the person you interact with.

Imagine that sombody creates a faked profile of yourself, for about Protected content , and many people belief that you are behind that profile. you never saw that profile on the net, but hackers send it to every one they notice contacted you.

YOu would be blind on what hackers do with that profile, simulating to be you, or talking about you.

Internet, and new technologies make it possible.

Consider to reflect on these facts and double check any information you receive on the net, by your own, and directly to the source of your interest.

It might be your received some information that do not belong or sourced from the field or person you are interested in. But was created to simulate it does, and huk you to an online platform that has nothing to do with the individual you are interested in nor with the projects of him/her/it, nor with the real person.

If you heard about similar cases, please let me know.

I am very interested on the solutions that people have been implemented that are reliable and not dependant on IT technology nor hardware.

When you are traveling for example, and somebody on messages agree to meet you, it is necessary you verify the human source of it. This should be a n easy to follow protocole.

In my experience, travelers might be off the road for several weeks. In locations with difficulty internet facilities, wouldnt be easy to connect online. Any case, important to know where your travel team and network are and last location points they visited. As soon as you renew contact, verify the human-reality of the individual communication behind the digital net.

As i said, i am working on a protole free of IT tools we can use to do this type of verification of indetity, human nature, intention and if is traveler or not

If you like to collaborate, let me know

Smiles on the road


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