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Jediism. Are you a Jedi? (New Jedi religion)


"...It is official
do you like star wars?
well google on Jediism, Jedi Order, Jedi School, Jedi Academy, Golden Jedi Order in the five continents... ask Facebook.
The star wars fans are not only fans of star wars, now they do have a new religion. Or it is the renewal of an old one.
Many Jedi sources world wide claim that Jediism is a very ancient religion..."

and i do agree.

What is interesting about Jediism, that we (as i am a Jediist myself) as a religion didint start from worshiping any particular individual, each of our jedi clusters and orders have own core teachings, ranks and core disciplines, and many of us share a diversity of belifs, such a complexity have never been seen in any religion. On top of it Jedi belief will be able to give example on how all faiths can come together and collaborate for a sustainable world, by achieving this aim by their own.

ready for discussion?

STAR WARS VII, Djedi, Persian and Egyptian traces of ancient Jediism, did lukas copy it or was Jospeh Campbell whi suggested to him use the mystic warrior archetype for star wars... do you want to know more?


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