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Journey into the Heart of Nirvana ... 5 steps

Discovering * Revealing * Exposing * Opening * Offering

The most difficult part of any journey, besides choosing the destination or condition, is taking that first step. Some would argue that giving a name to an experience makes it meaningless. Or that you must leap off into the void and trust that the universe will guide you along your chosen path. That of course is true, for we will be brought into contact with those things, i.e., people, places, experiences, which we need. Whether we are at the time able to accept them is a different matter.

The purpose of this article is not to suggest that these are the only steps which can lead to enlightenment, or as doctrine and dogma, but as a way for the uninitiated, who may be interested in taking such path, to perhaps more easily integrate the process into their pattern of life.

I am not implying that I am an adept, but I am a student and seeker of truth. And while the more esoteric explanations about transformative states and spectrums of consciousness, duality vs. non-duality, alternative dimensions and the like appeal to many; there are others upon whom all this is too mystifying to fathom. And should it not be the aspiration of all humankind?

I offer this as a modest gift to my children, my family and friends, as well as to the whole of humanity whom I love.

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