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Killing Time


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Previous time this happened was just a year ago.

Happened just like this time .. first the kid posts youtube gun swinging videos ... then he goes and shoots his class mates.
Always "he", btw.
Adolescent girls seem to have better thigs to do with their time (except that Boomtown Rats case).

Finland is a country of 5 million. When this happens as often as in US ... what should I think?

I am in shock .. i am travelling and I just checked Daily Mail ... wasn't expecting to see my country represented like this. These kids think they become immortal. What they don't realise is that after a while ... nobody remembers their name or face .. they just remember what they did.

They can't even recognize the victims yet as they are so badly burned. I red Finnish updates.
Many parents were waiting for their kids to come home today in Kauhajoki . Some were waiting in vain.

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