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Kinder Egg "Überraschungs-Ei" in Danger - German p

Another nonsense-idea of politicians: The childs commision of the German Bundestag wants to abolish the Kinder Egg because it considers the combination of food and plastic-toys/package as a threat to childrens health, german article here:
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The Kinder Egg exists since Protected content is still yery succesful. I wonder if anyone in foreign countries outside Germany knows the Kinder Egg, but I think its exported into other countries. Ferrero sells millions of it. Even the EU-commision certificated the Kinder Egg as safe for children. I grew up with the kinder egg, became never ill, but enjoy it really in my childhood. Another example of politicians hunger for overregulation, wasting tax money for stupid ideas? Lets save the "Kinder Egg, I would say.

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