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KRACH VADOR : It must remains only one !

Only Connor Mac Load remains immortal.

The banking group Lehman Brothers, number four in the U.S., should soon be declared bankrupt following the refusal of Barclays this weekend to resume this house. After Bear Stern picked up by JP Morgan this year is the turn of Lehman representing a total of Protected content present in 23 countries. At the same time, Bank of America announced a deal on fair Merrill Lynch, number three on Wall Street. Dresdner had just been bought by Commerzbank Securities journalistic follow and look alike. After the setbacks of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac representative Protected content outstanding and nationalized in the emergency by the U.S. Treasury, banks took the tangeante.

It is the plague throughout the sector.

The recession lurks in France and the crisis of the real estate world does not yet appear to be contained. The fall isolated the substance LTCM in Protected content ridiculous under crash course in banking whose ressurgiront damage on our economy. The group of insurer AIG, leader of insurance in the U.S. has plunged by 30% during the meeting on Friday. The group mutual Washington Mutual, the largest savings bank across the Atlantic has sold 30% within a week.
The outflow of capital in Russia accompanied the fall of the index by almost 50% since this summer against a backdrop of new attack in Georgia fuelling the fall of the ruble against the dollar and a growing mistrust towards the Russian policy. The japan seems less affected by this crisis credit and the property market.

Faced with the lack of capital, nor Uncle Sam, nor the Russian banking system does not seem able to contain this contagion.

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