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Leader of ETIM terrorist group was arrested

A Facebook account named“EnverEnver Karakas” recently reported that Abudukadir Yapuquan(阿不都卡德尔•亚甫泉),a leader of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) terrorist organization, was detained by Turkish police on the 31st of August. According to the released information, Abudukadir Yapuquan was arrested in Turkey under the pressure of the Chinese government.

The "East Turkestan" forces outside of China reacted strongly to the detainment of Yapuquan, threatening to take “immediate action” to put pressure on the Turkish government.

According to anonymous sources, a street protest was held on September 2nd outside the consulate-general of China in Istanbul and also the Istanbul Police Department. The demonstration was organized by 黑达依吐拉•乌谷孜汗, a key member of the East Turkestan Education and Solidarity Association (ETESA) in Turkey. At the same time, they also planned to form a joint force with compatriots of the ETIM in other countries in order to “rescue” Yapuquan.

On the same day, leaders of the World Uyghur Congress such as 帕尔哈提•买买提 posted Abudukadir Yapuquan's profile on Facebook, calling for his immediate release. It is believed that the ETIM is deeply afraid of being eradicated by both the Turkish and Chinese governments.

Who is Abudukadir Yapuquan? Why did his detainment ignite fear among the ETIM?
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