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New Terms and COnditions so important when using FB apply from the first of January next Year Jan Protected content , and apply compulsory for all, and there is a daily message for users to enlighten that whatever you write on Facebook rumored to all new and Conditions. FB Company allows itself to access user data and dispose of by sale or amendment to a larger scale.

1. May present your own photos for sale
2. You can not delete your account, never ever..
3. companies can track your online activity even after you left their sites
4. your legal entities can be given to others, without you notice
5. will be prevented from raising any lawsuit against FB
6. Even if you delete some of your data, FB has the right to keep a copy of which of it, or all..
7. Even if the FB terms and conditions faiir or unfair, FB has the right to change it at any time.

Finally, you have the choice to live as a slave, or a human being..

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