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Legalize your stay in Egypt (Permanent visa)

Hello Everyone ,
I would like to share some information, regarding your visa extension in egypt .
First of all as most of expats know that the new immigration office is currently at police Academy in Abaseya Area.

The new immigration office provides easier and faster services than the MoGamaa Tahrir square old building .
There are many ways to obtain permanent residency in Egypt ,through study, Work permit ,Visa, Marriage and forming a company , Also Through kids study in Egypt .

Most of expats in egypt overstays and exceed their visa limit, either they pay on departure or they leave Egypt every 6months or 1 year !
Offcource difficulties in renewing visa depends on the expat country of origin, bilateral relations, West Europe, east europe ,Africans,Asians, Newzealand, Canada,Australia .
Each country has a certain way of handling visa delays ,I think most of you knows about it .
Lately the Arab republic of Egypt formed new regulations to attract foreign investors to obtain a yearly permenant residency through company formation! And I personally assisted a number of foreigners, forming their own company in Egypt, under the ministry of investments latest laws and regulations.
Away from boring details, I can tell you the benefits of forming a company in egypt ,Even if you broke or extended your visa illegally in Egypt.
First of all ,your file of circulation from and to egypt ,which included all your visa report, either delayed or overstated or not will be forwarded to the ministry of investments, which will give you the chance to be treated as an invester, regardless your extra over stay .
You will have a permenant residency on your company.
Yoh will be able to obtain a driving licence.
Yob will be able to open a bank account.
Buy a property on your name .
Like any other country member in WTO you will able to open even a branch to your company in egypt ,get residency through it .

You will be able to help other expats to obtain a working permit, to ve able to work freely in Egypt adding to nang other benefits .

Forming a company in Egypt will protect against deportation incase over staying in Egypt, protect from Orfi partners Scams , now you can control your savings as an expat without depending on your local partner ( if you still married civil (orfi).
Being legally authorized to make business in Egypt, will open lots of doors to obtain cash through business and will comfort most of expats working illegally in egypt .
I'll be glad to answer all your questions freely Related to the above mentioned Subject.

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