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Let the Anger not Die!

Fear and frustration is quickly giving way to anger with the political establishment who had promised repeatedly to protect people from terror only to have India scarred again and again by bombs and bullets. The booming sound of gunfire as the commandos fought gunmen room by room had become a part of the nation's collective memory. Let the anger not die.

The Taj, the Oberoi, were the best eating spots in the city. The rich and famous went there and many of them are now dead. If you cannot protect these guys, then who can you? Let the anger not die.

Just as the images of billowing smoke from the twin towers have become a 'never forget' memory for the United States, the fires on the roof of the Taj Mahal Palace hotel have been seared into the minds of Indians. Let the anger not die.

Mumbai is familiar with the stench of death. In Protected content blasts ripped through commuter trains during the evening rush hour, killing Protected content . In Protected content in taxis blew up outside the city's main arch - the Gateway of India, built for King George V's tour - killing 52. In Protected content , in the nation's worst terror strikes to date, a series of 13 bombings across the city killed Protected content . Let the anger not die.

People are worried, but the key difference is People are worked up about the ineffectiveness of the administration. Do our leaders have the will, the ability, to tackle the dangers we face? Let the anger not die.

Let the anger not die. Immediately after the attack most of us were blaming Islamic terror organisations for such repeated barbaric acts. Along with our Government we blamed Pakistan. Not any more. We have come to senses. If anyone is to be blamed it is our incompetent, spineless, highly corrupt and conscienceless politicians. Let the anger not die.

Leaders charged with heinous crimes like rape and murder are provided top security. The chief ministers of UP and Haryana and many other leaders move in a caravan of 20 plus Ford Endeavors. The common man is paying the price to keep these useless leaders alive with his hard earned money and with his life. Let the anger not die.

Mr. Vajpayee, Mr. Singh, Lady Sonia Gandhi, please stop blaming someone else for your incompetency. it is your job to protect the borders of the country from enemies. it is your job to protect each citizen of this country from terror. This time the anger of the nation will not die. Act or perish. Let the anger not die.

We all know how corrupt our politicians are. They are busy filling their coffers for next generations. But the people of India will neither forget nor forgive them this time. The anger will not die.

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