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LIFE as an escape from the question of its meaning

We live in REALITY which has evolved over thousands of years. At first we were savages, not knowing WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHY – just as animals. Then we “tied” each other with human relationships, formed the society, began to develop the technology etc.And so, gradually, in all these events, we can observe initially absolutely “directed” process - as mankind has always opened up new DESIRES, each time pushing humanity to a new round of development, to fullfill themselves. However, having reached a certain state, a certain level of development, we feel TOTALLY NEW DESIRES which are not possible to fullfill in our world anymore. The man suddenly starts thinking about the things which he can not find here. Food, sex, family, money, honor, power, knowledge in different variations and combinations - that's the whole set which surround us. It would seem as all, what can be more?
Yet one day in humans raise new questions - THE REAL REASON FOR BEING. Suddenly, in his development, he remarked that all things have peculiar reasons, its process and outcome are absolutely determined - the beginning of its development and definite outcome as well. Apparently, human being is not an exception?
This question refers not to the “animal stage” anymore, but to the HUMAN BEING in us.
We're talking about a man who wants to know: "What am I, why am I, whence and whither?" How should one get the clear answer?

Thanks for thinking together!

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