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Lifecycle Adventure Tours Namibia

Lifecycle Adventure Tours
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Classic Cycle Touring
Road or Off Road
Back to the Classics See The World From Your Bike Seat
Roll out in classic cycle touring style. First-world conveniences and amenities are usually close at hand. Hotels every night on several tours. A mix of well-maintained campgrounds and comfortable rest day hotels on select tours. Roads are generally well paved with the occasional gravel path.
Touring is:
Trips starting from two weeks
Average Protected content riding each day
Staff & vehicle supported

Lodge to Lodge or Vineyard to Vineyard
Not a camper? You like your creature comfort after a day’s cycling your idea of rouging it is when room service closes down at midnight No problem, we will arrange the tour so that every night is spent in clean, simple, and comfortable hotels & lodges. From the typical cyclists clean accommodations with a bed and a shower great food well-designed, practical, accommodations. Hotels and lodges will be varied and memorable with hidden gems popping up to make it all worth the effort. Breakfast is included at the hotels and lodges as are the standard dinners most nights.
We book two cyclists to a room if you want separate accommodation please lets us know
We have trips starting from one week
Average Protected content riding each day or as indicated by you
Staff & vehicle supported

Travel across nations or thoroughly explore a country or a continent. The experience will be life affirming and life changing.
Meet the daily challenges that being immersed in a different culture, language, environment, topography, weather, and climate present. You will require mental toughness over multiple months. Roads vary from smooth paved roads, to rutted jeep tracks, with broken infrastructure. There will be limited amenities and nights of rough camping.
1 month to 5 months
Average Protected content riding each day
Staff & vehicle supported

Self-Guided tours are a great way to explore at your own pace with easy to follow route notes and maps. The support vehicle will follow you and carry your luggage and support items allowing you to travel light and enjoy all the scenery, wildlife, and interesting places along the way.
Under Self-Guided you can:
Explore With Us
Ride that Bucket List
Do that famous Climb
Challenge that race you want to compete in but need support.

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