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Looking for Long Distance Relationships for ZDF


As you know have a website about bicultural and long distance relationships ( Protected content ), and the german tv “ZDF” has contacted me because they are making a program about long distance relationships in Europe, and they are looking for couples to be interviewed. If you are interested, let me know (they just need 2 couples)

They are looking for:
1- Couple in a Long Distance Relationship
2- Living and working in Europe. BOTH EUROPEANS
3- One of the partners has to be german.
4- Age does not matter (students, working people)
5- The interviews are going to be in person. ZDF will visit you at your place. It would be nice if the couple could get together in Mai for the interview (but not necessary).
6- There is a possibility that ZDF will pay some of the expenses if you decide to meet for the interview.
7- The 10-minute program will be on TV on the 04/06/09 and only about 3 or 4 minutes about each Couple.

Please send me an email if you are interested in participating: Protected content

Protected content

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