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Looking for somewhere warm exotic place to live

Hi InterNations! How are you all doing with our busy lives in a big and bubbling cities, or in a peaceful and quite villages? Currently i live and work in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia which some of you may have heard about the landscape and the fast developing progress. The reason i am writing here is to have a friendly small talk with you people from all around the world, to exchange our ideas, perhaps advice each other.
Well, we human beings all have so different mindsets and different desire. But have you ever done life challenging things like / leaving things aside and just runaway somewhere you decided in just two minutes so far away?/
Since my job is seasonal ( i work summer time ) i am wondering where on earth would be so lovely to live and enjoy the most on any perspective.
Where the weather is warm and sunny, beach, friendly people, not so expensive.... Can any of you recommend where and if you have experiences i'd love to hear.
Nomina from Mongolia

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