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Main stream media distorting info again?

Ecuador will have presidential elections in Feb 17th. President Correa and its Goverment for the past 5 years have reivindicated the Ecuadorians dignity, soverignity and rights to use their natural resources in the best interest of their homeland and citizens. In the process Chevron was taken to court to fight against the devastating environmental damage it caused in the past. Chevron lost the 18mln lawsuit in a US Supreme court. The current Gov then started promoting Yasuni ITT worldwide, a project which protects the environment, avoiding oil drills underneath the Ecuadorian forests. A new windmill park was just opened in Loja instead to generate green energy. Ever since actions like this have taken place, Ecuador and other countries including Argentina have experienced unprecedented growth. Now 75% oil revenue stays in Ecuador to fund public work, education, justice, national industry... to become competitive in a world market which ultimately enhances the lives of its citizens and the many foreigners relocating here to escape the world economic crises.
For us living here, the positive transformation has been dramatic but for powerful multinational corporations it is hard to deal with. Therefore since they own the Media, they have been spreading misleading info about an "indigenous group fighting the president for their rights to own the land where he wants to drill". Nothing further from the truth. The divide and conquer strategy again, so the president look like a dictator and they can get international support to fund small oppositional violent groups against a progressive Goverment. Same strategy used in Syria to fuel a rebellion against their president. Wars are profitable. More than the truth. We folks living here know better than an article that can land on your inbox without you even requesting any info on Ecuador, much less on EC politics. My advice is be aware of your info sources and verify with ordinary nationals living in the country, otherwise you will also end up supporting the opressors in detriment of the victims...we can only know the truth "boots on the ground" or through the powerless people that dont own the media or cant communicate in your language.
As we know this and Syria's case are two out of many around the world...
Have you experienced similar cases in your country?

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