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Making groups is natural. Share your thoughts.

To form a group is an age old tendency observed not only in humans but also in animal kingdom. Even the plants are known to enjoy living together in a group. Lion, elephant ,zebra,wolves and many such other animals live in groups. Humans have formed groups based on region, race, catse , creed, language, profession, hobbies, skin colour, organisational membership,religion , attitudes, inclinations etc. We all want to be part of one or more groups. Doctor Nishat will agree to this. Groups gives us a sense of securuty, a sense of belonging, a sense of satisfaction that there are people who think the way you are thinking and believe that you are on right path . Group seems to give some emotional support and moral support. The bonds that make the group be formed may be stronger or weaker depending on many factors. Some groups stick to us the moment we are born!! They are groups like religion, caste, race, creed, skin colour , region etc. We grow up in such groups and the sense of belonging gets stronger by conditioning of mind through advices, opinions and statements of those around us who matters to us. In totality, the logic behind a group may seem futile or even nonsense , but to majority of population, it is a thing to be held dear to the heart. People with broader perspectives of mind tend to be part of bigger groups and they advocate the futility of smaller groups. Like, instead of being part of a religion, they like to be part of the human values. Groups originate from beliefs........and you can not stop the beliefs.

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