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Democracy is the only concept that respects your intelligence, integrity and dignity, Brazilians who participated in the demonstrations are to be congratulated, the streets were demonstrated dissatisfaction, this is something that Brazil should always do on every aspect of living in general which represents disrespect the nation, and need to be educated and righteous I took my voter registration at age 16, when I realized my opportunity to manisfestar my opinions, and show my rights I used the precedent of the law to make it this is something that everyone should do at this age, I felt very happy to participate in all elections to date, in Protected content with conviction, I think we should do this always advocating for smart thing. I think the whole rally is a legitimate right of any human being, a fact that somehow democracy advocates to everyone, even if not his principles, but it does not agree with vandalism of marches, simple mind, because I do not like to lose reason, acts like these come from being contained by the citizen, this destroys the true meaning of the protest, it is an attitude that generates pinima in society because misrepresents why people are charging about the government, showing an attitude opportunistic vandalize public equity, including the images presented by the media, are looting shops, for these people surely there's only decent place is a chain, only the impudence opportunist destroy democracy ... If you agree with me, let's share spread a smart move.

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