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Mental illness & Blindness


Personally I am most afraid of ever going blind or my mind goes hay ware .Sometime I close my eyes and try to visualize what would be my situation if my blindfold never comes off..I would be a burden to my loved one and to myself. I will be deprived of seeing my most loved one getting older,getting married and the whole shabang.The very idea that the awful situation can not be reversed will put me in to permanent painful depression.

Same think with if I succumb to mental illness,I will lose control to my faculties and between voices ,mood swings and constant fear and paranoia will kill my personality and turn me in to a vegetable zombie. Unfortunately these deadly diseases have no preventable vaccines and I have to take chances . Feeling so miserably inadequate and a pawn to an unseen force that could be putting my life to unseen tailspin of misery.

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