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Merry Christmas - Get Up Stand Up . . .

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Ever had a hangover ? Took less or longer to recover ? Ever fought for a cause ? small or even BIG ? How much time did you spend/waste in court and misery instead of spending with your loved ones, having fun time in the bar, with friends, on the Bahamas surfin' . . . ? Or recreating in your log hut somewhere in Canada in the quietness ?

Read the following and I'm sure you can relate to much that happened around you if you retained just a little bit of free thinking, justice and freedom . . .

Quote: ABC America–owned by Disney–told Koppel to sign whatever Thayer asks for–our lawyers will deal with it later. He is just a freelancer. Give him whatever he wants. We can bankrupt him if he objects. - End of Quote

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Thoughts ?

Have fun :-)

Merry, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year . . . Protected content

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