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Micro Finance - Change a life with a loan

I just wanted to let everyone know about a great project I'm helping out with, please have a look at the site and get involved! And let's create a circle of giving. This is about helping people through a loan system rather than just "chucking" charity at a problem. It is very similar to Kiva in the states but the first of it's kind in the UK.

Deki ( Protected content ), is a non-profit organisation that enables you to lend as little as £10, or as much as you choose, to a specific borrower of your choice in the developing world. There are individuals and groups seeking loans.

The loan will help them to create a sustainable livelihood that allows them to lift themselves out of poverty, giving them a chance to achieve economic independence, improving the quality of life for them, their family and their local community.

For more info and to get involved go to Protected content

And lastly gift certificates are available if you're bored of "send a goat/cow' etc!

Many Thanks and feel more than free to pass on info to friends and family.

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