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Middle east: peace treaty waiting to be in action


the 26th of last March was the thirties anniversary of the Egyptian - Israeli peace treaty signed in Protected content , but instead of having a decent celebration for this great memory it passed unnoticed allover the middle east partly affected by the last war in Gaza, elections in Israel and of course the Anti peace lobby allover the region.

while we focus on a solution for the continuous struggle in the middle east, Egypt - Israel axis appears to be of crucial importance to diagnose the real problem in the middle east acting as a case control study for other sides of the struggle.

Egypt's government that acknowledged Israel 30 years earlier doesn't seem at all interested in any cooperation with it except in economical and security issues in addition to the Palestinian case
Mubarak serving his 28th year as a president visited Israel once for one day not even accompanied by his wife during Rabin's assassination

On the other hand in Israel freedom of speech allowed much opened reasonable discussion of relations with Egypt still we had politicians like Lieberman threatening of invading Sinai or striking the High Dam

all along 30 years, Egypt - Israel relations suffered large obstacles especially in cultural acceptance an implanting peace culture in future generations.

studying what happened in 30 years of cold peace can give us lots of useful hints why isn't it working for other sides.

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