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İmmigration for a stranger!

Hi everybody,

I have received this message from another IN member and would
like to get your feedback on this request. He must have a complete
different impression of myself. Even dealing within challenging Human Resources tasks, I learned I cannot pamper everybody!!
Just in a massive relocation process with everything life is asking for my new location in Istanbul.
Your valuable opinion is higly appreciated. Thanks a lot. Barbara

Dear ma'am to be honest i am leaving pakistan v soon i have done olevels and i dont want to waste my time over here in pakistan i can also speak 4 languages which are urdu,farsi,pashto and english conditions are getting worst day by day i could have flown to other country but i like turkey more i have seen it on tv,it looks amazing too i will be alone in turkey so i am scared little bit . If you can provide me place to live i will work for you free and i promise there will be no issue for you and you should help me to go to college thankyou.

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