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Moving to Chile

Hi all,

My family and I are considering moving to Chile next year. Since we are big fans of Alps, we fell in love with Southern parts in Lake Region. At least over the internet. We do intend to make a 2 months recon trip to that area close to the end of this or beginning of next year, all the way from Santiago to Puerta Varas.

I'm B.Eng. in Technology, but for last 9 yrs working as a reporter & producer for major global news TV channel. My wife is photographer, but mostly, the best mother of our 17 months old Tonya. So, we know a bit from the internet about the the Lake Region, about Santiago, but not too much and almost nothing from first hand experiences. We are thinking about trying to open our own small business (fast food restaurant) or microbrewery or to start producing few Balkan style food products, which might be interesting to both locals & tourists. Other option is for us to try to find jobs in our fields of expertise too.

Never the less, this explanation could take very long, so we'd appreciate if you guys could pitch in with first hand experiences of living in Chile, Lake Region, Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt, Valdivia, etc...

Thanks to everybody! :-)

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