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Moving to Prague Dilemma

Here is our situation. My wife and I have been trying to decide if we should try moving back to Prague or not. She is from Prague, and I lived there a couple of years (2.5) for work. We now have a 4yr old son and a 1yr old son. We have been living in Southern California for the last 8 years and wondering if it would be better living in Prague. We own a house in SoCal and both work, my wife only part time. All of my family is here in SoCal and all of her family is in Prague.
Things we are taking into consideration in Prague are the quality of life, schooling for our kids, the language barrier for me, trying to find work for me and medical. Housing is not a problem we would have the opportunity to get one of her grandmothers houses in Chodov. We would have to buy it once we were established.
I would like to hear your opinion on this. Maybe you went through something similar?

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