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Moving to the US - Visa Question

Hi Everyone

Currently I live in Hamburg, Germany, but I want to move to the US in the forseeable future and I am currently looking at the different types of visa.

Now I'm wondering: my big sister (we share both parents who only hold German citizenship) was born in the US and holds a dual citizenship (German-American). But she lives in Switzerland and has never lived in the US other than as a baby for about two years. Do you know if she can still sponsor me or does she have to live on American soil? I cannot find any information about that, so maybe you guys can help me out before I call any hotlines.
Also: if I were to apply for the Green Card lottery this year (for Protected content I am not granted one, does that somehow impact if I were to also apply for a visa through my sister? I don't want to seem too desperate, even though I am... ;-)

I would love to hear back from you and I hope someone can help me out!


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