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national park Bamako

National Park Bamako space supposed to be a place of relaxation and leisure, tends to become a paradise where debauchery is taught to minors. Hence the cry of the heart of some parents.

In Mali, where space is today frequented by the general public is of course the National Park. Funded to the tune of several billion francs now, Park gave another image to our capital. This is in addition to the various and noble achievements of ATT plan. That either Islamabad or Beirut, even in Washington or Las Palmas, we always talk about this gem that is the pride of Malians. But alas, things did not go as planned because of debauchery and crime that exist in this place.

The true face of National Park
The National Park is the scene of indecency. Lovers in the day kissing and getting tired for all to see. Children as young as Protected content taking drugs or get drunk face. What is especially funny and difficult to explain, is that all this nonsense are under the feet of so-called security who find it difficult to protect monuments and other decorative objects, let alone prevent debauchery. A lady we met at the park says shocked by the behavior of minors in this garden paradise. "We have repeatedly informed the management of the Park of stupidities that are in the garden, but it has remained deaf to our complaints," she said.

From the management side, some officials blame the security which they say are not doing their work. "We will build on the safety to prevent the debauchery in the office," said an official at the park.

In any case, if the authorities do not get involved in the coming days to maintain order and respect for our customary values, the park could turn into a real "closed rooms."

We return to the bad influence that may be attending the National Park on our children who will have a picnic?

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