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New career path

Hi guys,

Sorry if this topic bored you. I've been thinking abt my life lately, though I'm still not that old at this stage...I somehow realize I've been in a "wrong" field all these years after graduation.

My job is all about finance and stocks. I once worked on wall street, and currently living in SH, still busy with stock analysis, company research, etc. etc. It is a serious business and it requires a lot of logical thinkings. Me, good at logic? Yes. But only obey rules? Well, it feels like killing me. Of course, securities market does involve some sort of creativity, but it's not my type. I'm more interested in talking with different ppl, making a deal, exploring new business ideas, or simply traveling for new market penetration.

Is there anyone here that do a lot of overseas travel? Happened to be in investment business? I'm wondering what kind of works need to do travels and are more related to interactions with ppl. Of course, decent pay for sure.

Thank you very much for reading through! Any suggestion is welcome!


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