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New Global formula for poiticians' pay?

In Kenya we have a power sharing government with forty something ministers and I understand that their salaries are the equivalent of U.K. ministers though the GDP is somewhat different - in Africa, governments are too often cancerous growths on an already burdened peoples.

Can somebody clever and connected to the UN or somebody that could tout the idea, come up with a politicians pay package formula - this elaborate piece of software would link salaries to poverty levels and GDP and other significant economic markers , it would include a child mortality factor and a life expectancy factor and a crime rate factor - it could also possibly include a happiness index, and it would definitely include an environmental factor as in excessive carbon production would lead to real time swingeing cuts in the salaries of politicians. This formula could be used to provide guides on salaries even if it wasn't adopted as the official mechanism. It would at the very least be an amusing exercise and a good talking point.

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