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New Year's Resolutions, anyone...??! :o))


Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the year Protected content almost upon indeed is the end of the first decade of the New Millenium...

And every year, without fail and in keeping with international tradition, most of us make those ever so important New Year's Resolutions...

How have we all fared...have our resolutions generally worked out well over the years, or not at all?? Have we been successfully able to excercise that ever so elusive resolve to ensure that "tiny" little change we set our hearts and minds to realise...?!?

Can we all together, indeed bring about that constantly desired and enduring our own lives, as well as, collectively, in the rest of our "little" world...??!

I shall let you in on my own thoughts and "resolutions" before New Year's Eve...

Shall we hear yours in the mean while (precious as they are)...?!?


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