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New Years Eve Full Moon

Have a blissful New Years Eve and a delightful start of Protected content !

This year's New Years Eve is on full moon.

There will also be a partial lunar eclipse on the 31st (visible in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia).

What an astronomical boost to our celebrations!
No matter whether people will be in party mood or in silence.

Such an event happened only four times during the last century: in the years Protected content , 1952, Protected content 1990. The next New Year's with fullmoon will be Protected content .

Personally I will spend the evening/night of the 31. Dec and morning of the 1. Jan. with a group of meditators. We will be cooking and eating together, meditate at midnight of the 31.Dec, do rituals to welcome the new year, dance and then meditate again in the morning - with the first Sadhana of Protected content 5:30 CET!

Please do also slow down a moment! Send love and peace out into the world, no matter where you will be at midnight or in the morning. Global group meditations have an effect! Let's unite as one, sharing our purest intention to create a new world with untold possibilities, holding that intention for an hour, while coming from a place of love and integrity.

Let's pray for ever growing opportunities to Bless The World, and to be blessed. ;)

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